Single Girder Trackless Semi Goliath Crane

We are happy to share one of our recent accomplishments. We bagged the order for design,supply, installation & commissioning of a 5 ton Single Girder Trackless Semi Goliath Crane with 6 metre span, 4 meter lift and 15 meter bay length for one of our customers in Palghar District, Maharashtra.

Single Girder Trackless Semi Goliath Crane

What is unique in this crane is :

  1. There are no rails on the floor, below the bottom carriage. Hence – no digging, no civil work, no dust. And in the future no stumbling/ tripping – SAFETY !
  2. The long travel drives in the bottom end carriage do not occupy any space. Hence no walkway or isle to be barricaded for the crane – FREEDOM !
  3. Cost of digging the rail path and the cost of the rails – SAVED !
  4. Precious floor space – SAVED !

Our client came up with this new want. We declined at first because we had never done or seen anything like this. The project team was confident this could be done.

Our Project team insisted on our design team to take this up. The design team put their heads together and came up with a solution. It was new for them. There was a risk of loss of money and credibility.

But they delivered.

They completed their design and handed it over to production.

The production team had their fears and concerns. The Project team stood by their vision.

After the first trials, a few modifications were found necessary.

Proximity limits were added to ensure the safety of the workman on the floor.

The clients did a load test at our workshop, They were satisfied.

The Erection team installed the Crane at site. The users were skeptical at first, Then relieved, Then happy.

Another milestone in our journey.

Hurray – Team S. Cranes !

What do you want ?

Tell us your want and we will look at that challenge !