About Us

Established in 1979, S. Cranes has consolidated its position in the Indian & Overseas material handling industry as one of the trusted name. Timely services and trustworthy products is what makes S. Cranes as one of the leading manufacture of material handling equipment’s in India.

Our experience of 43 years and expertise of new cutting edge technology helps us to provide cost effective solutions to customer’s tailor-made material handling requirement.

We are here to support the progress of Industries (our customers) by providing solutions for carrying and moving material. We work on being a partner to our clients – supporting them in their progress. We ongoingly work to ensure each and every customer is happy and fulfilled by taking and using our product or service. They are happy to have a relationship with us.

Products We Offer

  1. Industrial Cranes
  2. Lifts
  3. Hoists

Services We Offer

  1. Erection and Commissioning.
  2. Repair and replacement of parts.
  3. Health check up.
  4. Annual Maintenance Contracts for preventive maintenance.

We want to support our customers by offering all above services for any brand of Industrial Cranes, lifts and Hoists.

HOW - VALUES (that will guide us in fulfilling our purpose)

In our interactions with our customers, colleagues, vendors, neighbors, and owners, we will operate from :

 Doing what we said we would do and doing it on time.

To make it easier or make something possible for someone to do something by offering them our services or resources.

To not blame others or circumstances for any breakdown, rather being responsible – what can I do now ? We all make mistakes and have flaws, and we should be comfortable owning our mistakes and knowing it’s ok to mess up.


Our values make our culture, our culture differentiates us from other companies.

Training and developing people. People are number 1- treat them well, expect a lot, work hard, yet keep it fun. Pay them fairly. Happy people are happy to serve others. Be responsible to ensure our people are continually developing.

High in Quality and Reliability. Standard, Strong, Delivered in time, Easy to maintain. Standardized processes. Great in looks, low in sound and safe to use.

Our customers must experience/ feel : we care, they are heard, we fulfill our promises, we take responsibility for our mistakes and we are fair.

We function throughout the day with relationships. We want to focus on building each and every relationship. Colleagues, suppliers, vendors, clients, neighbors.

We provide a number of services – dispatch, erection, commissioning, testing, repairs, maintenance, amcs – each service has an opportunity for us to be our culture in our interaction with the client. Each interaction leaves them with an experience of what kind of people we are.


To be known globally as an organization that is helpful, fast, solid and a solution provider in this industry.

Office & Factory


We have our manufacturing unit in Talasari. This is a place on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Our factory is easily accessible from Sanjan railway station on Western Railway (less than 1 km) and the Western express highway (less than 15 km). The nearest port for shipment of exports is JNPT (less than 200 km).

Our office, in Mumbai, has the following departments – Marketing, Sales, Purchase and Human Resources.

Our Team

We at S.Cranes have a team comprising of 20 Engineers, 200 Technicians & 50 Staff members who can easily understand your needs & problems & can solve it in a short span of time.

Our Facilities

Our factory plot admeasures more than 6 acres, having a shed area of more than 1 lakh square feet. In our factory we have facilities for machining, gear cutting, hardening, electrical testing and load testing.

Our Services Center

Location 1: Mumbai : Dahisar
Location 2 : Sanjan : Talasari
Location 3 : Bhiwandi : Poorna Village