Crane Modification

Our vast experience have made us capable of executing all the modification of material handling products in this industry. We are capable of doing modification to not only our products but also if you have any other product of different make.

We have executed various jobs involved in the modification of the several type of Cranes:-

  1. Single Girder EOT Crane
  2. SG HOT Crane.
  3. Double Girder EOT Crane.
  4. DG HOT Crane.
  5. Flameproof Crane.

Apart from this on special request of our clients we provide solution to other make material handling products too.

Based on these input and our engineering expertise and years of experience, we deliver the solution to our customers.

Advantages of Modification:-

  1. Life enhancement.
  2. Safety enhancement.
  3. Performance enhancement.
  4. Plant efficiency enhancement.
  5. YOY Cost saving for the client.