Goods Lift

We have been supplying the good lift with precise engineering and world class material to all our customers beyond geography.Our aim is to keep the design as simple as it can be so that it gets well suited as per the need of the customer both technically as well as commercially.

Our dedicate team works day in and day out to make constant development in the design to keep meeting our customers ever increasing demand.


We have a traction pulley based operating goods model which has been proven in market since decades. Also we provide 3 level safety:-

  1. Limit switches.
  2. Counter weight arrangement.
  3. Speed governor.

The goods lifts are offered with a fabricated structure on the exterior or fastened within an RCC structure. The capacity starts from 0.5 ton up to 7.5 tons.Our lifts comply with all the latest ISO standard for safety which helps us enhance the trust and bond with our customers.

Lift Range


0.5 Tons Onwards



Upto 10mpm


  1. Simple design.
  2. Standard components used.
  3. Easy & smooth in operation.
  4. Long life span.

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