It is composed by the main girder, end carriages, electric hoist with trolley, and electric control system. In case of double girder crane, the trolley housing hoisting and cross traversing machinery move on the top of two bridge girders. The bridge girders are of box construction made from rolled plates. In addition to Main Hoist (MH) an Auxiliary Hoist (AH) can also be provided on the same trolley. On customer’s request, two or three trolleys can be operated on the same pair of bridge girders for special application with a facility for load summation.

The cross travel machinery comprises of motor gearbox and brake unit coupled to wheel assemblies with live axles. The spherical roller bearings housed in L type of bearing housing are provided for heavy duty application.

The bridge girders are made of plate box construction of ample strength and rigidity. Full depth vertical diaphragms are provided inside the box for stability. Short diaphragms are provided in between full depth diaphragms to support the rail section that support the trolley. Horizontal diaphragms are provided as needed to prevent buckling of web plates.

s crane double girder eot crane gujarat
s crane double girder eot crane

Power is supplied to trolley through flexible festoon cable system. For lower capacity and light duty cranes, compact festoon cable system or drag chain system is used for trolley power supply. For higher capacity/ heavy duty cranes beam rider trolleys moving on heavy duty I beams supply power to machinery installed on the trolley.

Double girder cranes are rugged in construction and find their use in a wide range of hoisting capacities and applications. It is widely used in plants, warehouses or materials such as coil handling, container lift, railway workshop, paper mill, power plant, transformer industry, cable industry, process plants, steel plants, coal fields, cement plants, engineering industry and so on.

Special Features of Double Girder EOT Cranes

  • Capacity up to 50 MT
  • Robust construction suitable for heavy duty application
  • Alloy Steel, hardened, precision cut gears
  • Foot mounted type fabricated gearbox casing horizontally split at centre line for ease of maintenance for hoist
  • Lift and speeds to suit your specific application
  • L Type housing for Long travel wheels
  • Full length (along the crane span) platform on the Long travel drive side girder
  • All motors are TEFC with class F insulation
  • VVVF drives are available as an option

Option for Pendent, Radio Remote and Cabin Operation